Monday, March 3, 2008

Having a good day

Well I made it past the plateau today of 133. I was 131 this morning. That is pretty cool. I did Back and chest and abs today in my basement. My husband is a great workout partner and he worked out with me. I got a home gym for Christmas and since then, I do not have to go to the gym as much anymore. It is very convenient.

I am a personal trainer at a local gym and the facility is awesome. I have some great friends there and I love to be there. My ultimate goal is to train enough people at home so that I do not have to work at the gym anymore. I also love to bake and cook. I have cooked for my clients in the past and had a great time doing it. I love to create these healthy meals and know that someone can enjoy them. I also love to bake. Although baking is not very healthy, I love to make stuff for special occasions. I love to see the look on peoples faces when they are enjoying my creations. All the ingredients in my recipes are good. Nothing with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil. So in a way, it is good for you in a bad way.

My ultimate goal is to help families, especially children get educated about the food that they eat. The more that you cook or bake from scratch, the healthier it is for you. I want to be able to educate families and children and see that they can change some of their habits and still enjoy what they are eating.

I think about this all the time. Food is a huge part of Americans lives. Everyone celebrates with food. I would like to be able to help people realize that food is made for fuel and not celebrations, not like what the advertising industry would like us to believe.

Anyway, if anyone would like more information or need some food cooked for them, just email me.

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