Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready to start training again

I just recently finished a class of figure competitors for the Flint MI competition held on October 11th. My girls did awesome and I was in awe at how far they came in 12 weeks. They received a couple first places, and a couple of second places. One of the girls, it was her first show and she got first and second. What a great accomplishment for her.

Having helped them through the 12 weeks and watching them on stage, makes me want to start training again. I love the training and the way your body changes in that short period of time. So I am definitely ready to go again. The best thing about this time around, is that I am lighter to start with than I was before. I am hoping that this works for my advantage and I can achieve my goal.

I will be starting in January, but for now I am working on increasing my cardio and being consistant with my weight training. I am coming back from a few injuries and have not been working out as much as I use to.

I look forward to start training again. If anyone is interested in figure training, Please contact me. There is nothing more fun that training with a team of girls. I would like to start a class in January to prepare for March and April show.

Have a great day.

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