Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good News

My personal business is starting to finally take off. I have a complete gym in my basement and have been having classes and doing one on one training. I have more clients than I did before with a lot more potential. I really enjoy having my business in my house. It just works for me a lot better. I also have possibilities of making a strength training dvd, doing nutrition seminars, and some other things going on.

My real passion is to get into the schools, especially the elementary schools, to help kids get more physical activity and teach them the good and bad things to eat. There is such a high percentage of overweight and obese kids and it is not getting any better. I just would like to touch as many of them as I can to improve their self esteem and get them moving.

I love to see when someone makes a change in their lives and improves their health and well being. Everyone can do it, it takes someone who cares and is willing to help. I love being that perosn. I love to watch their changes and see their self esteem increase and become happy with themselves.

If you have a need for a nutrition class either in a business setting or at a school just contact me at You can also contact me if you need some advise about diet and exercise.

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